Information about London

England, and in particular London, has always been the European springboard for business internationalisation. While it is always opportune for the parent holding company to be located in the country of origin of the company that wants to internationalise, the best way to kick-start your business is to have a foreign subsidiary holding company based in London... Read More

Economic Indicators

The United Kingdom is the sixth largest economy in the world and the third largest in Europe with a nominal GDP of US$ 2945 billion and a GDP per capita of approximately US$ 45000 in 2014. The service sector is definitely the main driving force, accounting for 80% of the national GDP; the industrial sector is in second place (approximately 20%)...Read More

When open in UK

The procedure for starting up a business in the United Kingdom is simple and fast. The business has to be registered at the Companies House (a division of the Ministry of Trade and Industry which has similar functions to the national register of the Italian Chamber of Commerce)...Read More

Tax planning

Starting a business in England is something that has to be planned carefully so as to optimise the advantages of such an opportunity in terms of internationalisation, but also in order to avoid unnecessary costs, considering that England and especially London are expensive...Read More

Accounting services in UK

The accounting specialists at Occari & Partners Ltd offer their services to smaller companies and start-ups that require assistance in the keeping of accounts. The correct recording of operations and the ordered and timely keeping of accounts are not only a legal obligation but also a primary source of information for the business owner...Read More

Heritage protection

England has got very clear rules that guarantee the functioning of instruments for asset protection, especially in the case of Trusts.
Our experience in designing asset protection systems enables us to offer the most effective trust structures and trust management...Read More